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Reload Your Wallet by Recycling Spent Brass

Going out to a range for some shooting is a hobby that many people who own guns partake in. Whether they want to stay in practice or simply find it enjoyable, you will often find people at the shooting range on any given day. Even those who don’t own guns can check some out at the front desk. However, while the exercise itself is fun, the aftermath deserves some thought as well.

After you are done shooting, you’re often left with waste. Perhaps most significant are the brass casings that must be picked up afterward. Luckily for the environmentally conscious among us, most all of these leftovers can be recycled. Not only is this environmentally responsible, it can be directly beneficial to you as well. There are a few advantages to recycling your spent brass after shooting.

The Benefits of Recycling Spent Brass

• Reduce waste disposal costs
• Make some money back on this expense
• Rewards programs are available for ranges that recycle
• Efficient solution to range cleanup

After being recycling, much of this brass can be turned into more shell casings. They can be sold to reloaders, although this requires sorting your casings by caliber. Selling them as scrap is easier, but may not get you the biggest payout. Whichever method you choose to go with, they can both be great ways to make money back by recycling your spent brass after shooting. Visit this website for more information on how to recycle brass in San Jose.

Ammo Brass Collector Picking Up Cases

The Ammo Brass Collector is one of the best devices for picking up rifle and metallic pistol cases. You can minimize the amount of debris and dirt you pick up and eliminate bending over with the help of the telescoping handle. Here you can see the wire cage rolling up the casings… read more

Taking Care of Cans

As the changes in earth’s climate become more apparent to all of us, recycling is on the minds of more and more people. It has simply become the responsible thing to do, and for many of us it is unthinkable to not recycle in our own homes. This is an important task that needs to be done right for it to be truly effective. Doing it right means knowing what can be recycled and what must be thrown away. Aluminum cans are a ubiquitous item that we must make this decision about every day.

What Types of Aluminum Cans Are Recyclable?

Beverage containers like beer cans
Pet food cans
Food tins
Coffee cans
Soup cans

Aluminum is one material that is highly recyclable. This, like any other act of recycling, is environmentally responsible and energy saving. This is because much recycled aluminum becomes cans again in its next life, creating a stable cycle that continues for years and years. Such a process reduces the amount of energy needed to make each can, making it more efficient in several ways. Different types of cans are easy to recycle. For more information on aluminum recycling in San Jose, visit this website.

Smartphone Recycling

A promotional graphic highlights the importance of recycling and reusing smartphones as opposed than adding more harmful waste to landfills... read more

What Is Recycled Glass Used For?

Recycled glass is a great product that has a variety of uses. While it can be used to make pretty mosaic art, which is certainly not the only way it is reused. In fact, recycled glass is a very useful product.

Why Recycle Glass?
Glass is 100% recyclable, meaning there is nothing left over as a byproduct when it is recycled . This is mainly due to the fact that glass can be easily melted down and reshaped time and time again without any trouble.

It is important to note, though, that while all glass can be recycled, it still needs to be separated by type. This is because the different types of glass are made differently, so they need to be kept with their own kind so as not to introduce any kind of defect or contamination into the final product.

What Is Made With It?

As mentioned, recycled glass can be used to make the same product it used to be or to make other glass products, like:

*Glass beverage bottles
*Table tops

However, it can also be used for other products that you might not immediately associate with containing glass, such as:

*Aggregate materials (used to make parking lots)
*Match heads

In addition, it may be used in filtration systems and as an abrasive material used in many manufacturing processes.

As you can see, recycled glass may simply be reincarnated into a new glass item or it may get a whole new life as an interesting new product. Regardless of what it ends up as, it is a great way to reuse items and keep them out of landfills. Visit this website to learn more about how to recycle glass bottles in Milpitas.

Siemens foundation to award waste treatment innovation

Siemens Stiftung, a foundation created by multinational manufacturer Siemens AG, has announced a call for entries for its “empowering people. Award” program… read more

Why Can't I Just Throw Out My Old Electronics?

Many electronic items have rather short life spans. You use them for a couple years and replace them. But what do you do with your old electronics? If you just throw them in the trash can, then you better rethink that action because it is not a good idea.
Toxins on the Loose
Electronic items are full of toxic materials that won’t break down in a land fill. Toxins, like arsenic and lead, will simple leak into the ground, eventually making their way into the water system. Furthermore, before they have a chance to ruin the water, they will wreck plant life and harm animals.

Wasting Space
Not only are the toxins a concern, but the plastics and metals used to make these electronics aren’t so good at breaking down either. They will sit around for hundreds of years without much change. This means as more and more items are thrown away, they just pile up taking up room that could be used for other more productive things.

So What Do You Do?
Since it is obvious that you don’t want to just toss old electronics in the trash, what do you do with them? If the item still works, then find a friend who wants it and give it to them. If it isn’t functional, there are many recycling programs for different types of electronics, such as:

*Cell phones

At one point or another, everyone has an electronic they need to get rid of. When the time comes, though, throwing it in the garbage is a bad idea. The better bet is to recycle it. This is the best option for the environment and for you. Please visit this website for additional information on how to recycle old appliances in Sunnyvale.

The Process of Car Battery Recycling

When it comes to getting rid of old car batteries, recycling is the smartest way to go. Disposing of them with regular garbage or simply abandoning them is not only wasteful, it is harmful to the environment. The acid in these batteries is corrosive and toxic, and can cause serious harm if it ends up leaking out. If you have never done it before, you may wonder, how does car battery recycling work? Luckily, this is an easy process when you know what to do. There are a few different options you can go with when recycling a battery, so there is sure to be something available for everyone.

Most cities have a recycling service where car batteries can be brought. They can be taken to a scrap yard or a recycling center. Many batteries come with a refundable deposit to encourage recycling. Old car batteries are also accepted by many companies that sell auto parts. They may employ an exchange policy so the customer can get a replacement battery as well. Once these batteries have been turned in, their materials can be recycled in a few different ways.

First, the battery itself is smashed apart by factory machines, in order to break it down to small pieces. Then the acid is neutralized and the parts are filtered out and used for different purposes. The plastic is melted down and often finds life as another battery case. The lead in the battery is similarly cleaned, melted down and purified, and is usually repurposed as more battery parts. Even the acid itself can be reused. It can be neutralized and turned into water that is then treated in a waste water treatment plant. Alternatively, the battery acid can also be converted to sodium sulfate. This powdered substance is used in all kinds of things, from laundry detergent to glass.

For a casual recycler, like many of us are today, a car battery may not fit into the scene at first. In your first confrontation with the concept, you may find yourself wondering, how does car battery recycling work? In the end, the answer is similar to how any other recycling process works. Everything is broken down and moves on to another life. It turns out that even the most harmful parts can be turned into something benign and useful. Don't let your old car batteries sit around and risk damage to your home and your loved ones. Take them to the proper center for disposal and allow the cycle to continue in a safe and responsible way.

Click here for more information on car battery and copper scrap recycling in Milpitas.

Power From the Past

An automotive battery perhaps once commonplace in manufacturing only vaguely resembles consumer models of today. Despite its age, the nuts, bolts and connectors appear to be in good condition.

What Items Are Made of Cast Iron?

You have probably heard of a cast iron skillet. If you’re really lucky, you’ve eaten some amazing food made in one. However, skillets aren’t the only thing made from cast iron. This metal is actually a very popular material used in making many outdoor items and construction materials.

What Is Cast Iron?
Cast iron is a metal that is made of various elements, mostly iron, carbon and silicon. It is hard and very strong. It’s manufactured as it has been for centuries through heating ingredients in a blast furnace to get molten iron. This is then put in molds and left to harden.

How Is It Used?
You already know that cast iron is used to make some great cooking skillets, but it also is used in many outdoor projects. It is a good product for this because it has a naturally developed protective film that is corrosion resistant, making it superior over wrought iron and steel. Some ways it may be used in outdoor products include:

*Historic plaques
*Decorative features on buildings
Cast iron may also be used in construction. This is because it is strong, durable and inexpensive. Also, since it is made through being molded, it can be molded into a variety of shapes. Some of the ways it is used in construction include:
*Door hinges

Cast iron is a pretty useful metal. While it can’t really be changed once molded, that doesn’t stop it from being molded into plenty of great products, like all those talked about here. Visit this website to learn more about recycle cast iron in Santa Clara.

New scrap yard planned near Bradenton, Florida

A new scrap yard is in the process of being planned and built in Manatee County, Florida, in an unincorporated area between the cities of Bradenton and Sarasota… read more

What Appliances Can Be Recycled For Cash?

Did you know that you might be sitting on a gold mine? If you have old appliances, like refrigerators, washers and ovens, then you can recycle them for some extra cash. Of course, the benefit isn’t only monetary. Recycling your old appliances is also great for the environment.

Why Recycle?
Recycling helps to keep pollutants out of our environment. When appliances are thrown in a landfill, it can be hundreds, thousands or even more years before they are completely broken down. Until that time, they sit there taking up space and releasing harmful pollutants into our environment that can be dangerous to humans, animals and plant life. This is why recycling centers are so eager to pay you for your appliances and why many places will even come pick them up for you.

What Can Be Recycled?
Almost every appliance you have in your home can be recycled. As mentioned, refrigerators, washers and ovens are popular appliances that are turned in. However, centers will also accept:

*Water heaters
*Air conditioner
Even smaller appliances, like toasters, can be recycled. All these items contain reusable metals and parts that can be turned into something usable again.

So, the next time you get a new appliance and wonder what to do with the old one, consider recycling it. You will get a nice chunk of change to do so. Not to mention that you will also get to feel good about doing your part for the environment. Please visit this website for additional information on how to recycle old appliances in Sunnyvale.

Plastic Collection

A large variety of emptied water, soda and other beverage containers are collected in preparation for recycling... read more