Thursday, 30 July 2015

What Is Recycled Glass Used For?

Recycled glass is a great product that has a variety of uses. While it can be used to make pretty mosaic art, which is certainly not the only way it is reused. In fact, recycled glass is a very useful product.

Why Recycle Glass?
Glass is 100% recyclable, meaning there is nothing left over as a byproduct when it is recycled . This is mainly due to the fact that glass can be easily melted down and reshaped time and time again without any trouble.

It is important to note, though, that while all glass can be recycled, it still needs to be separated by type. This is because the different types of glass are made differently, so they need to be kept with their own kind so as not to introduce any kind of defect or contamination into the final product.

What Is Made With It?

As mentioned, recycled glass can be used to make the same product it used to be or to make other glass products, like:

*Glass beverage bottles
*Table tops

However, it can also be used for other products that you might not immediately associate with containing glass, such as:

*Aggregate materials (used to make parking lots)
*Match heads

In addition, it may be used in filtration systems and as an abrasive material used in many manufacturing processes.

As you can see, recycled glass may simply be reincarnated into a new glass item or it may get a whole new life as an interesting new product. Regardless of what it ends up as, it is a great way to reuse items and keep them out of landfills. Visit this website to learn more about how to recycle glass bottles in Milpitas.

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