Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why Can't I Just Throw Out My Old Electronics?

Many electronic items have rather short life spans. You use them for a couple years and replace them. But what do you do with your old electronics? If you just throw them in the trash can, then you better rethink that action because it is not a good idea.
Toxins on the Loose
Electronic items are full of toxic materials that won’t break down in a land fill. Toxins, like arsenic and lead, will simple leak into the ground, eventually making their way into the water system. Furthermore, before they have a chance to ruin the water, they will wreck plant life and harm animals.

Wasting Space
Not only are the toxins a concern, but the plastics and metals used to make these electronics aren’t so good at breaking down either. They will sit around for hundreds of years without much change. This means as more and more items are thrown away, they just pile up taking up room that could be used for other more productive things.

So What Do You Do?
Since it is obvious that you don’t want to just toss old electronics in the trash, what do you do with them? If the item still works, then find a friend who wants it and give it to them. If it isn’t functional, there are many recycling programs for different types of electronics, such as:

*Cell phones

At one point or another, everyone has an electronic they need to get rid of. When the time comes, though, throwing it in the garbage is a bad idea. The better bet is to recycle it. This is the best option for the environment and for you. Please visit this website for additional information on how to recycle old appliances in Sunnyvale.

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