Thursday, 30 July 2015

Reload Your Wallet by Recycling Spent Brass

Going out to a range for some shooting is a hobby that many people who own guns partake in. Whether they want to stay in practice or simply find it enjoyable, you will often find people at the shooting range on any given day. Even those who don’t own guns can check some out at the front desk. However, while the exercise itself is fun, the aftermath deserves some thought as well.

After you are done shooting, you’re often left with waste. Perhaps most significant are the brass casings that must be picked up afterward. Luckily for the environmentally conscious among us, most all of these leftovers can be recycled. Not only is this environmentally responsible, it can be directly beneficial to you as well. There are a few advantages to recycling your spent brass after shooting.

The Benefits of Recycling Spent Brass

• Reduce waste disposal costs
• Make some money back on this expense
• Rewards programs are available for ranges that recycle
• Efficient solution to range cleanup

After being recycling, much of this brass can be turned into more shell casings. They can be sold to reloaders, although this requires sorting your casings by caliber. Selling them as scrap is easier, but may not get you the biggest payout. Whichever method you choose to go with, they can both be great ways to make money back by recycling your spent brass after shooting. Visit this website for more information on how to recycle brass in San Jose.

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